Not sure if you want to change job? Ask yourself the right questions

One random day, you wake up feeling like you are not entirely happy with your work. You don’t really know what has unleashed this thought, but you seemingly feel it. Maybe it was last week’s discussion with that Product Owner that you really cannot digest, or your manager being irresponsive, or your lunch voucher notContinue reading “Not sure if you want to change job? Ask yourself the right questions”

Manage Your Stress, I said

I was recently invited to hold a workshop on Stress Management for the EFMC Young Scientists Network. The participants of the workshop, were a big bucnh of scientists from all over the world. Many studing their last years of university, others completing a Masters Degree, and the vast mayority were going thorugh their Ph.D’s andContinue reading “Manage Your Stress, I said”

After-Corona Resolutions

Many of the goals and plans that you had before COVID-19 hit the World have faded away with the craziness of the moment. You said bye-bye to 2019 with a list of new resolutions and plenty of ideas to implement in your life during 2020, and suddenly you find yourself at home wasting the timeContinue reading “After-Corona Resolutions”


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