Swiss CV standards

A rule of thumb when we are seeking for a job is to take into account the standards of the country that we are targeting. The same as with culture, the expectations on CV’s can differ a lot from a country to another, and not being aware of this can sadly move us from theContinue reading “Swiss CV standards”

Not sure if you want to change job? Ask yourself the right questions

One random day, you wake up feeling like you are not entirely happy with your work. You don’t really know what has unleashed this thought, but you seemingly feel it. Maybe it was last week’s discussion with that Product Owner that you really cannot digest, or your manager being irresponsive, or your lunch voucher notContinue reading “Not sure if you want to change job? Ask yourself the right questions”

Manage Your Stress, I said

I was recently invited to hold a workshop on Stress Management for the EFMC Young Scientists Network. The participants of the workshop, were a big bucnh of scientists from all over the world. Many studing their last years of university, others completing a Masters Degree, and the vast mayority were going thorugh their Ph.D’s andContinue reading “Manage Your Stress, I said”

Make Them Want You, After The Interview (vol.I)

My dogma is that the most important part of a job interview is all the process that occurs before: getting to know your strengths, weaknesses, uncovering your skills, determining what motivates you, understanding what your goals are, and a whole process that can take up to the whole length of your life. And I getContinue reading “Make Them Want You, After The Interview (vol.I)”

What questions you should ask in an interview, and what not

One question that I get very often is: “What things shall/can I ask in a job interview”? And the very truth is that, when I am interviewing candidates, very ofthen they seem to be scared of asking something in case I would judge them. Asking questions is not only positive but NECESSARY in an interviewContinue reading “What questions you should ask in an interview, and what not”

Get to know yourself – get the job!

The most important part of a job application process is not the interview per se, but the preparation that occurs before. How many times have you squeezed an interview in your calendar, juggling with your schedule, and finally regretted that you wasted your time because that was absolutely not what you were looking for? OrContinue reading “Get to know yourself – get the job!”

After-Corona Resolutions

Many of the goals and plans that you had before COVID-19 hit the World have faded away with the craziness of the moment. You said bye-bye to 2019 with a list of new resolutions and plenty of ideas to implement in your life during 2020, and suddenly you find yourself at home wasting the timeContinue reading “After-Corona Resolutions”

How to set professional goals – and actually reach them

In a documented Harvard study, researchers found that only 13% of the graduates from the 1979 MBA Program had clear goals, and an extra 3% had the goals written down. 10 years later, the 13% group were earning twice as much as those who had no goals, and the 3% that had the goals writtenContinue reading “How to set professional goals – and actually reach them”

How do you optimize your LinkedIn profile?

One of the most repeated questions that I get during my coaching sessions is: “how is my LinkedIn profile looking?” Many people think of LinkedIn as a hybrid in between a virtual resume and a facebook account, and tend to ignore it when they are happy at their jobs. The truth is that LinkedIn isContinue reading “How do you optimize your LinkedIn profile?”

Behavioral job interviews. How to succeed?

Long gone are the days of “yes & no” questionnaires, and those where you would only respond to questions about your academic record. Nowadays, hiring managers are more keen on taking a deeper dive and find out more about the way you think and how would you react upon certain circumstances. With your answers, youContinue reading “Behavioral job interviews. How to succeed?”