Not sure if you want to change job? Ask yourself the right questions

One random day, you wake up feeling like you are not entirely happy with your work. You don’t really know what has unleashed this thought, but you seemingly feel it. Maybe it was last week’s discussion with that Product Owner that you really cannot digest, or your manager being irresponsive, or your lunch voucher not being offered as a perk anymore, or the position that you wanted being offered to somebody else, or…or…or…

The truth is, these are negative feelings that employees from almost all companies across the world live. It not only happens at your organisation.

These thoughts are, however, not just thoughts – they are the kick on the snowball: once you trigger your negative thoughts about the place where you are, they do nothing but grow and that ultimately make you be the miserable employee that we have seen in every other typical American blockbuster.

Another side effect of these negative feelings, is that they activate or flight response, making us want to leave our current employment to find the very perfect one for us. What can easily happen, is that we join that very perfect new job and after some months, as well know as the “honeymoon period”, we kick the snowball again, falling one more time into deep.

But how can we change this? How can we make sure to be in the right place or target something completely different that is going to make us feel better?

The answer is: Assess Your Work.

Choose a quiet moment among your chaotic day, and take some time to reflect on the following questions:

  1. Think about what do you love about your work.
  2. Why do you love that? What makes you happy about it?
  3. Are you doing enough of that in your day to day?
  4. What do you wish you could change in your daily activity?
  5. What do your colleagues acknowledge you for?
  6. What would you like to be acknowledged for?
  7. If you take a look at your own job description – what are the things that you are no longer doing? And, what are the new challenges that you have acquired?

After responding to these questions, you shall attempt to pursue the things that you want with your Manager, as you will have a clear vision of what-do-you-want-to-do. If ultimately you end up joining a new employer, you will be very clear on the things that you want to be doing, and thus, you will live a happier work life.

Give it a go, and enjoy the journey!


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