Make Them Want You, After The Interview (vol.I)

My dogma is that the most important part of a job interview is all the process that occurs before: getting to know your strengths, weaknesses, uncovering your skills, determining what motivates you, understanding what your goals are, and a whole process that can take up to the whole length of your life.

And I get you,

You certainly like the idea of having a full notion of who you are but you don’t have time for that right now, because the interview is happening next week! (panic attack) or you would rather do that introspection whenever you are in a more stable life circumstance and loving your life to the fullest (which is fair enough, as nobody likes to find out all the things that we don’t like about ourselves).

That’s why I am presenting you “Make Them Want You, After The Interview”, a series of tips for letting them falling for you after your interview.

#1 Use multiple perspectives

Some people are very impressed by hard facts, statistics and numbers, and others might be more convinced when they hear about an emotional situation, a funny anecdote or a story of their life. The truth is, there is no right or wrong; maybe by being very number orientated you will win the acceptance of one decision maker, but not of the rest. So, instead of being black or white, be grey; stay flexible, offer different perspectives when you are presenting an idea, and you will most likely convince them to pay attention.

#2 Personal experiences

Reveal why a certain topic is important to you, to your history, your values, your beliefs. What experiences have you had that are related to the topic on the table? How does it connect to your life? Beginning with an anecdote will always keep your audience more engage. But try to come up with something interesting, or make it interesting with your body language.

#3 Examples

Find examples to support your statements. Using real-life illustrations will make your abstract ideas more accessible to everyone.

#4 Expert opinion

Back-up your arguments on opinions of experts in the field, because that will show that you have done some research on the topic and will boost your credibility.

#5 Reasoning

Summarize the conclusions that you are coming to throughout your interview and reassure them. The transitions from one piece of information to the next should make sense and follow a logical sequence to help your audience connect the dots.

#6 Facts and statistics

Sometimes you do have to root your claims in some research, because that will add up a lot of credibility to your words. Look for some proofs in newspapers, books or websites, and make sure that it is trustworthy information.

#7 Emotion

Dare to show some emotion, and more towards the end of the function interview. We all are more motivated to listen, read more, or ask questions when we are moved emotionally.

And until here, the tips for making them want you (vol.I). Reach out if you have any questions!

Take care,


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