Get to know yourself – get the job!

The most important part of a job application process is not the interview per se, but the preparation that occurs before.

How many times have you squeezed an interview in your calendar, juggling with your schedule, and finally regretted that you wasted your time because that was absolutely not what you were looking for?

Or how many times have you decided to start applying for jobs and found difficult to understand if you were adequate for it?

In both of these situations, there is a common denominator: you did not know yourself enough to judge if that was the right thing for you.

How do you prepare?

A brilliant preparation for a job application process begins very deeply, having a look inside and getting to know yourself.

Self-awareness is about having a deep understanding of our interests, values, skills, limitations, feelings and motivations.

When you know yourself, you trust yourself. You lift so much anxiety and fear. You understand that you have strengths that are unique to you. In addition, you won’t feel guilty asking others for help. 

If you can crack self-awareness you can unlock your personal potential in the workplace and make better career choices. Self-aware employees are people who know where are they going and have clear goals, therefore it is much easier to work with them. Employers know this, and that is why candidates who have done an analysis of themselves are much more likely to get the job.

During a job search, knowing yourself is not only crucial to give the right answers, but also to target only the jobs and companies that match with your personality and your skillset. Time is gold when you are searching for a job, and allocating a couple of hours of your precious time to do an interview for a job that you are not really interested on, might not be the best thing to do! Unless you like to miss opportunities 🙂

So, for getting to know you better, I propose you to do the following exercise once you have a quiet moment:

On a piece of paper, reflect about all these points, one by one. Be wild, and think with no constraints. Take your time – it took me more than one day to figure out all these topics about myself.

Whenever you know who you are, you will be able to know what do you want to be doing, and everything around you will start making sense – or maybe not – but certainly your confidence on yourself will increase and that is what you will project to your audience.

Have fun in the process,


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