After-Corona Resolutions

Many of the goals and plans that you had before COVID-19 hit the World have faded away with the craziness of the moment. You said bye-bye to 2019 with a list of new resolutions and plenty of ideas to implement in your life during 2020, and suddenly you find yourself at home wasting the time of your life… Absolutely not. You are having time to rethink your goals, targets and objectives, and also what you’ve done in the past. Let’s face it; you were most likely not even getting close to those resolutions, because you wrote them down on a rush on the 31st of December and you were not thinking realistically.

Now, you have time to think and rethink things, to understand if what you were doing before is what you still want to do. You may have discovered a new passion or talent, or may have decided that you need to learn or do something absolutely new. It’s time to re-invent your future, so instead of “New Year’s Resolutions”, let’s call it “After Corona Resolutions”.

If you have proofed to yourself that a list of resolutions doesn’t work, I propose you to try something new: mind-map your “after-corona life”.

Take a piece of paper / wall / whiteboard / whatever surface you prefer, and create a a visual diagram of your interests and goals. Begin the map by writing “After Corona” in the middle of the surface, and start surrounding it by all the spokes that are relevant for you. There is nobody here to judge you; just you, your pen and a paper, so try to be as honest to yourself as possible. Don’t feel bad if a topic that humanity is saying should be relevant to you is not, and vice-versa. Remember that this is your mind-map, your moment to yourself and no-one else.

Once you have your relevant spokes nicely drawn (whatever “nice” means, here everything is acceptable), draw additional ones surrounding the main ones. Here you are establishing relations between something that is really important to you and the things that you need to make it happen. Again, be honest to yourself – if you want to become an influencer and you haven’t told anyone because you feel embarrassed about it, just write it down! This is your real chance to think whatever you want without having anyone to judge you.

Write as many things as you want, and keep in mind that they should rather follow the SMART principle for goal setting (if you don’t remember what it is, have a look at this post).

Why a mind-map?

When doing a mind-map you use the left and right sides of your brain to write new ideas while staying creative. The visual aid created during a mind-mapping exercise can help you to organize new information as it correlates to a new central concept.

It increases your creativity and productivity because it’s an excellent tool to let you generate more ideas, identify relationships among the different data and information, and effectively improve your memory and retention.

Have fun and dream BIG! This moment is nothing but a time to think and GROW.

Take care,


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