6 reasons why you are not getting the job

Situation – You have a group of eight friends and from all of them, three are searching for a new job – you among them. Your searches started almost at the same, and your profiles are on the same wave length, however, one of them is already being invited to interviews and has received on offer that is considering, while you and the third one are not getting into any interview process.

You start thinking that your friend is far too lucky, that he or she may be applying double or triple as you are, that life is not smiling at you at this time…

Sometimes, searching for a job may feel like driving in the wrong direction. You may feel rejected, confused, insecure, frustrated or demotivated, or all of them at once. And the reason of this all is simply that you may not be getting things right.

Here are the 6 reasons why you are not getting the job

#1 You don’t know what you really want. You need to have a strategy, an understanding of who do you want to work for and why. Think about your job search as a show where you want to impress an audience. Decide who your target audience is, who do you need to meet and how are you going to reach those people. Having a strategy will also help you to only approach the jobs that you really want to take, the best job for you, somewhere where you can grow.

#2 You are not selling yourself as a specialist. Maybe you are being far too humble when you are talking about yourself and not highlighting all the things that you have expertise on. Remember that companies are doing a big investment when hiring you, and they want to be sure that you are going to offset the cost of that. Caution! This statement does not mean that you need to lie nor exaggerate in excess. Be honest to them, and also to what you have accomplished. You are the painkiller to their pain, and you need to let them know.

#3 You are only approaching the company through their company portal. It is important to apply on the portal, specially when the company asks you to do it. If you don’t do it, you are risking that your CV gets lost in a mailbox, and that would be a shame. Let’s go the extra mile – don’t just apply; approach the person as well on LinkedIn or an off-line event. Introduce yourself and once the person has “fallen in love with you”, mention that you have already applied via the right via. Offer to send your CV to the person’s account.

#4. Your cover letter is just a repetition of your CV. Cover letters which are only a repetition of what is written on the CV are boring; nobody wants to waste time and this is a waste of time. A unique cover letter tells the story of how you feel connected to the company’s values and culture. You need to explain why do you feel like you could be part of the tribe, why do you really belong there.

#5 You are not using your network. 80% of the jobs that people get come out of a referral. Make sure to be connected to the people that you want to be working with. Pay attention – networking doesn’t mean to attend two networking events a day, nor it is to have an extremely outgoing personality a permanent smile. Networking means to connect with the people that share the same passion or objectives as you do; they will appreciate your way to see things and will definitely want to hear you. When HR sees your profile on LinkedIn, will see that you are connected to some company members and may ask about you. Remember, your network is your net worth. Strategically build relationships with people that work at your dream companies, both off- and online

#6 Your Linkedin account is not optimized. LinkedIn is the number one source recruiters use to look up for potential candidates. Make sure to optimize your profile by having the keywords that you want to be related to written on your profile. Maybe in the shape of “skills endorsements” or in your resume. Less than 50% ofLinkedIn users don’t have an optimized profile, which puts you in a good spot if you do it.


In a job search, you are a business of one selling your services to the employers. Make sure that your product is impeccable and attractive.

Work matters – after all, it’s what you spend most of your time doing!

Take care,


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